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Klira specials

We believe Klira Specials are the very best formulas of their kind. This is because they bring together with precision the trio of the right ingredients, at the right dose, in the right base.

This combination ensures optimum results with minimal side-effects.

Cost to patients

Klira Specials are a subscription service priced at £49 per month.

Patients subscribe to ensure that their treatment is delivered promptly, each month receiving a freshly formulated refill cartridge to fit into their permanent dispenser – which gives them the perfect 0.5ml dose from 2 pumps each evening.


Klira was created by a dermatologist to promote better dermatological solutions for all. by way of helping to support dermatological excellence in the future, 10% of profits go to the british cosmetic dermatology group to fund academic research.

Klira & Roseway Labs

Roseway labs are our partner compounding pharmacy and fulfil all Klira Specials.

We automatically approve you on both Klira and Roseway systems at the same time, so that you can easily and quickly approve prescriptions.